The TravelDine negroni specials page, is a collection of stories, anecdotes, lists, interviews, and videos on negronis and connoisseurs of the classic cocktail, from India and around the world. The page lists the best negronis in town, at-home negroni recipes, and classic negroni stories over time.

How do you whip up a classic negroni?
Savour this unique negroni riff at The Leela Palace New Delhi

The 2022 Negroni Week has all the makings of pre-festive season celebrations. It comes just ahead of some of the most celebratory weeks in our country — as we shape up to celebrate a series of festivals with scrumptious food and the most exotic drinks to raise a toast to.

What's a good riff on your negroni?
Negroni week: the reel negroni

If a cinematic character like James Bond could popularize a martini in almost all his movies, the silver screen is lit with many classics including the negroni. This sensuous drink finds it way into movie reels as also a certain Italian who pushed it to God-level on Instagram.

Negroni week: scoping out Florence -the negroni mecca

What is it about the Negroni that’s so alluring? Is it the neon red colour, its history, the simplicity of the 1:1:1 template, the depth and complexity? Or all of those and more. How did a cocktail mixed almost as an afterthought and a relative diversion of an existing cocktail rise to such meteoric fame?

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